Walking, Shopping, and Roasted Pig

CitiGym WaterFront Hotel Cebu, PhilippinesSaturday morning I left my room in search of the hotel gym to get in a short workout. I found the gym one level down from the hotel lobby. The gym, as I called it, was really more of a fitness center. It was very impressive, including a room with cardio and weight machines, a dojo with mats, a cardio classroom with wood floor, boxing ring, UFC workout room, and a separate yoga studio, plus men’s and women’s locker rooms. I spent a little time on a treadmill, then did a run through the weight machines. 

WaterFront Hotel Pool, Cebu, PhilippinesAfter my work out I went to my room and changed into my swimming shorts. I then headed down to the pool. This was not your simple little chain-link fenced-in pool. Oh no, it was a large meandering pool with a waterfall coming off the top of the cabana, where you could sit under the cabana or the waterfall itself. There was a pool-side bar and a large covered gazebo that looked like it was designed for dancing. Many walkways wound their way throughout this very large beautifully landscaped paradise. I enjoyed a cool swim, relaxed pool-side, then went back to my room to get ready for the next adventure.

Cebu IT Park, Cebu, PhilippinesAround noon I met Lane and Jezzy in their room. Also there was Jezzy’s sister, her husband, and their two sons. They came to visit from their town about two hours away. We all walked across the street from our hotel to the Cebu IT Park. This is a combination shopping mall and IT Call Center. We ate lunch at Jolibees, then found a travel agency and purchased our OceanJet Ferry tickets. We SM Seaside Mall, Cebu Philippinesthen went back to the room for a short rest.

Around 3:00 in the afternoon we hired a van that could take all of us to the SM Seaside Mall, about 30 minutes away. Jezzy wanted to treat her two nephews to a fun zone. While there we purchased our local SIM cards.
Lechon (Roasted Pig). Cebu, PhilippinesIn the evening we rented a van again and traveled to Jezzy’s parents Studio. When I say studio, I don’t mean apartment. Jezzy’s farther is in the business of supplying sound equipment for events. He also has three spaces set-up with speakers, mics, amps, sound boards, etc., where bands come and practice. In addition to that, he has a space where snacks and drinks are offered while people sing karaoke. We ate a deliciously prepared meal of Lechon, which is pig roasted on a spit with a special blend of spices. It is customarily dipped in a soy and vinegar sauce.

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