This Trip to the Philippines Will Take Much Planning

I knew once I decided to join my friends, and take this trip to the Philippines, that it would take much planning. So I started considering all the things I would need to plan for, such as:

What would I need to do before departing on the trip.

What would I need / want to bring.

What do I already have, and what would I need to buy.

What do I need to know about traveling to a foreign country I’ve never been to.

Where would I want to visit, and what I would want to do.

First off, I will need to renew my passport, and make airline and hotel reservations. Since I will be visiting Jomel, I will need to communicate with Compassion International to arrange a Custom Child Visit. And, I will need to submit a Vacation request with my employer. Before I can do any of this, I need know my friends Lane’s travel plans.

Second, I will need to decide on the most appropriate luggage, clothing, personal care items, travel accessories, and other personal items including electronics. Many of these items I have, others I will want to purchase.

Third, I will want to consider health and security issues while traveling in a foreign country. Such as: vaccinations (do I need or want them?), and securing my personal belongings. Plus I need to have an understanding of the local currency, and how to travel locally (while being safe and not pay too much).

And forth, for part of the trip I will be joining my friends in their planned activities. When we separate, I will need to make plans of my own. Most likely, sightseeing tours. I will want research the areas I will be visiting, and see what looks interesting to me.

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