Time To Go Home

Departing Cebu

Philippine airport terminal fee receiptGetting through the Cebu / Mactan Airport proved to be quite an interesting experience. We entered the airport, walked about a hundred yards, and up a ramp, dragging our luggage until we found a cart to ease the burden. We waited in line for the first security checkpoint. Once in the main terminal we walked to the far end, about three hundred yards, to the Asiana counter to receive our boarding passes, and check our bags. We were then required to take our boarding pass half way back down the concourse to another counter, wait in line and pay an airport terminal fee of 750 pesos (about $15.00).

Jezzy, who was traveling on a Philippine passport, was told she must go to yet another counter and pay an exit fee, which is 1600 pesos ( around $32.00 US). After some  explaining that she was married to an American and living in the U.S., she was excused from paying the exit fee.

Fees paid and boarding passes in hand, we then went through a second security checkpoint, walked a distance then through customs. Yes, we were required to go through customs on our way to “exiting” the country. Anyone traveling on a Philippines passport is required to fill out a form and declare what they were taking out of the country. I don’t know why they are so hard on their own people.

We then found our way to our departing gate, and waited. About an hour later we  boarded out flight back to Incheon Airport. I spent most of the flight as before; alternating between reading and watching Hawaii Five-0 on my phone.

NAP Zone at Incheon Airport Seoul South Korea

These are the actual lounges we rested on during out return trip to the NAP Zone.

We finally arrive again in Seoul South Korea. Being that we were now familiar with the Incheon airport, we quickly found our way to the main concourse and grabbed a bite to eat. We then headed straight for the NAP Zone. We found three lounges together, parked out luggage close by, and slept for a good long time. I awoke first and walked around the area more closely checking out the many amenities.

Lane and Jezzy finally woke up and found me wandering around the area. We made our way, via a tram ride, to our departing gate. After a short wait, we boarded the 747 and settled in for the 12 hour flight back to San Francisco. I sat in the same seat, next to the exit door. However, this time there was a passenger setting next to me. So I was stuck in my cramped seat for the entire flight.    

Getting Through San Francisco Airport

I’m thinking this just might be the most secure airport in the country. Here why: our first stop after a long walk from where we departed our plane was an area with a large number of immigration kiosks. The is an automated version of the customs declaration form. We completed the form, a built-in camera confirmed who we were visually,Going through customs at San Francisco Airport then the kiosk printed the form out.

Next we waited in line until we reach the immigration window. We showed the attendant the printed form and our passport. Passing though was quick. 

When waited in another line, and went through another security check point where a officer checked out ticket.

Next stop was the baggage carousel. We retrieved out bags then proceeded through another security check point where we presented out ticket, again.  

We then walked some distanced where we re-checked our check on bags. A little more walking brought us to the final security check point. This is where we unloaded our pockets, took off our shoes, and placed them in a tub, and our carry-on bags on the moving scanner belt. We then walked through the scanner ourselves, retrieved our items, and put our shoes back on.

Relaxing at the United Club Lounge

We were finally in our departure terminal. We located our departure gate, then went about searching for the United Club lounge. By this time we only had around two hours before our flight departed, but as part of our United Air Miles Card we had one time United Club passes that were good for one year. So we may as well use them.

United Club at San Francisco AirportWe found the United club. Unfortunately, this lounge was only accepting club members at this time. Fortunately there was another United Club location, a little farther from our gate. We found this Club and they accepted our one time passes. The lounge was comfortable, quiet, and laid out nicely with a large number of comfortable chairs. There was a drink bar on one side, and a food / snack bar on the other side. So we selected some snacks and drinks and relaxed.

With departure time fast approaching, we made our way back to our gate. We boarded the plane, and settled into our seats for the final flight home.

Home Sweet Home

My sister was waiting for me when I exited the baggage claim area. Of course she wanted to hear everything about my Journey. Oh boy, I experienced so much, where do I begin. I did share some of the highlights with her. But, now when people ask about my trip, I just tell them, “read my blog at, edsjourney.com”. 



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