San Francisco to Seoul, South Korea

Upon boarding our Boeing 747, I discovered why I got a seat in the economy plus area for the economy price. Not only was I expected to operate the emergency exit (if necessary) but there is less leg room there because the bottom of the door is large, and contains an inflatable emergency slide. Fortunately for me, the seat next to me remained unoccupied. I moved over and enjoyed more leg room. Actually, I moved between the two seats. The center seat when I wanted more leg and right elbow room (to write), and the exit door seat when I Continue Reading →

Booking My Flight to the Philippines

As mentioned earlier, I will be traveling on United Airlines because that is who my friends are using. After receiving their flight itinerary, I visited the website, and proceeded to book an identical itinerary. Happily I was able to do so.  I may have been able to fly to the Philippines at a lower cost, but this being my first time traveling to a foreign country, I wanted to be with my friends as much as possible. The flight to San Francisco is 1hr, 50min on a Boeing 737. For this short flight I chose a United Economy aisle Continue Reading →