Time To Go Home

Departing Cebu Getting through the Cebu / Mactan Airport proved to be quite an interesting experience. We entered the airport, walked about a hundred yards, and up a ramp, dragging our luggage until we found a cart to ease the burden. We waited in line for the first security checkpoint. Once in the main terminal we walked to the far end, about three hundred yards, to the Asiana counter to receive our boarding passes, and check our bags. We were then required to take our boarding pass half way back down the concourse to another counter, wait in line and Continue Reading →

Las Vegas to San Francisco

I got dropped off at McCarran International Airport at 5:30 a.m. Check-in went smoothly. I then proceeded over to Security. No problems there except, the TSA agent noticed something under my shirt in my chest area. I raised my shirt to show him my hidden passport pouch. He grabbed and squished it, and in the process, ripped out the stitches separating the pouch from the cord that goes around my neck. I proceeded to my departure gate and met up with my friends Lane and Jezzy. After a short wait, we boarded our plane and got settled in. Shortly after Continue Reading →