New Passport Arrives, After Some Additional Drama

In February  I wrote about submitting my Passport renewal application. Well, turns out I made a mistake and submitted the incorrect application. I thought I could renew if my passport was not more than 10 years expired. Actually, that’s 10 years from issue date, not expiration date. On March 24, my application was returned, and I was instructed to submit a “new passport” application. Here I go again. I filled out the correct form, made the trip to the post office where it had to be approved by a certified person. They one look at my form and noticed I Continue Reading →

Renewing A Passport, May Be Easier Than You Think

My research online seemed to indicate that if I was renewing a passport, I needed to call a number to schedule an appointment at a Post Office to submit an application. I tried many, many times and could never get pass the message machine at this number. I finally  visited my closest post office in person hoping to move forward with this process. When I walked into the post office, there was a long line of people waiting for counter service. I pressed the buzzer at the parcel pick-up door, and waited. After about five minutes and another person pressing Continue Reading →