God Provides a Second Gift for Jomel

I was at work one day, as a bellman for a large Las Vegas hotel, when a man came up to my workstation to retrieve his baggage. As one of my co-workers was retrieving his bag, we stood there and talked. He asked me if the airport would be busy, I told him I did not know what it was like to get through the airport these days, as I had not flown in over 15 years. I then stated, however, that I would be taking a trip out of the country in July. He then asked me where I Continue Reading →

Working with Compassion to Arrange my Visit with Jomel

Ten years ago, God put it on my heart to help the many children living in poverty. Of course I could not help them all. But, I could help one. For some reason, I don’t really know why, I had an interest in the Philippines. So, I went to the Compassion International website, and looked for a young boy in their system living in the Philippines. I selected Jomel. He was five years old at the time (I was 55), and we shared the same birthday, September 7th. We have been sharing letters, cards, pictures, and gifts, for the last Continue Reading →