Back to Cebu

I arranged a van from the Pura Vida Resort to take me to the airport, leaving at 5:00am. I got through security and checked in without incident. After a short wait, I boarded my Cebu Pacific Air flight. We landed on a wet tarmac at Cebu / Mactan International Airport. I boarded a shuttle bus and was taken to the terminal. I entered, retrieved by checked bag then walked outside where an attendant led me to a waiting taxi. I instructed the driver to take me to the Quest Hotel. At the Quest Hotel, I checked in and went to Continue Reading →

Second Catch Up Day – Alona Beach

Lane, Jezzy, and her parents, were scheduled to return to Cebu today on the OceanJet ferry. I stayed in my room at Alona Vida Beach Resort for most of the day writing. I ventured out and took walk along the beach on occasion to take a break from writing. Nothing eventful happened. I walked as far as I could along the beach to the left, then all the way back to the right, taking photos. I returned to my room and continued writing. I again decided to go for walk, it was dark. I was walking along the upper beach Continue Reading →

Finally Made it to Cebu City, Philippines

We arrived at Cebu Airport a little after 2 a.m. I could tell from looking out the airplane window that it had been raining. We deported the plane, and were led through customs. It was a simple process to show my passport, and continue on through. It was a short wait for our bags to arrive in the baggage claim area. Lane loaded their six plus bags onto a baggage cart, I rolled my two bags. Lane, who was too busy earlier, went to use the bathroom. He then went to the currency exchanged booth to exchange some of his Continue Reading →

Philippines Travel Itinerary

I want to travel with my friends, Lane and Jezzy, as much as possible. However, they will be visiting relatives on their own. So some of my plans are based on their. While at other times, I will be on my own. Cebu City July   6 Thu. Cebu, check-in Best Western Plus. No plans. July   7 Fri. Cebu – Hand out, event planned with Jezzy’s family. July   8 Sat. Cebu – Tour, TBD. Lane & Jezzy travel to a relative in the nearby hills. July   9 Sun. Cebu – Tour, TBD July 10 Mon. Cebu – Tour, TBD July 11 Continue Reading →