Catch Up Day

Wow, things are happening so fast here. I’m trying to find the time to keep up with writing blog posts of everything I am doing and experiencing. Today I mostly hung out around the hotel, and worked on my blog. In the afternoon, I took a walk over to Cebu IT Park. I viewed a shop selling fried bananas on a stick. I had heard about these from some of my Filipino friends, and wanted to give it a try. It was actually quite good. Back to the hotel, I walked around the beautiful grounds of the Waterfront Hotel, and Continue Reading →

Walking, Shopping, and Roasted Pig

Saturday morning I left my room in search of the hotel gym to get in a short workout. I found the gym one level down from the hotel lobby. The gym, as I called it, was really more of a fitness center. It was very impressive, including a room with cardio and weight machines, a dojo with mats, a cardio classroom with wood floor, boxing ring, UFC workout room, and a separate yoga studio, plus men’s and women’s locker rooms. I spent a little time on a treadmill, then did a run through the weight machines.  After my work out Continue Reading →