Visiting Jomel

I awoke at 5 a.m. and prepared myself for the exciting and adventurous day that lie ahead. I gather all my things, exited my room, walk out to the beach, turned right then walked along the shoreline to the spot where I was to meet my driver. I was very anxious not knowing how I would connect with him or her. I did not know what the driver would be driving, and they did not know what I looked like. But then, I assume they did know they were picking up man from the U.S. Therefore I would not be Continue Reading →

Touring Bohol

A van picked up Lane, Jezzy, and her parents, then came down to the beach and picked me up. We drove East along the South Coast Road. We stopped and visited a very old church, built in the 1700s. It was partially destroyed in the 2013 earthquake, and is in the process of being rebuilt. We continued on, and visited the Tarsier habitat. The Tarsier is the smallest member of the monkeythe family, and is unique to only a very few regions of the world, including Bohol. After visiting the Tarsiers, we continued on and drove up to the Chocolate Continue Reading →

Ferry to Tagbilaran

I took a taxi, by myself for the first time, to the OceanJet ferry terminal. I passed through two checkpoints, check my one large suitcase. I found a seat, and sat down in the waiting area. I waited around an hour for Lane, and his family to show up. I am glad I showed up earlier. I had a much easier time getting my bag checked then Lane did. They arrive, checked their bags, and joined me where I was seated. Once the announcement came, we boarded the ferry. Lane and his family sat on the first level. I had Continue Reading →

Philippines Travel Itinerary

I want to travel with my friends, Lane and Jezzy, as much as possible. However, they will be visiting relatives on their own. So some of my plans are based on their. While at other times, I will be on my own. Cebu City July   6 Thu. Cebu, check-in Best Western Plus. No plans. July   7 Fri. Cebu – Hand out, event planned with Jezzy’s family. July   8 Sat. Cebu – Tour, TBD. Lane & Jezzy travel to a relative in the nearby hills. July   9 Sun. Cebu – Tour, TBD July 10 Mon. Cebu – Tour, TBD July 11 Continue Reading →