A Surprise Meeting Helps Me Make A Decision

My local church is the support church for the Calvary Chapel Training Center(CCTC) located in Dumaguete City, the capital of the province of Negros Oriental, slightly South West of the island of Cebu.  Dumaguete is a two-hour ferry ride from Tagbilaran City, and the island of Bohol.

So I thought I would visit with my church’s missions Pastor, and talk about visiting the Training Center, while on my trip. I really didn’t know if it would be a good idea. What would I while there? What was there for me to see. Could I stay at the Training Center, or would I need to find a hotel?

Getting in to see a pastor can be a challenge, especially on short notice. They are quite busy people, and the receptionist at the front office don’t let people just walk in on them without an appointment. I called the office around noon on a Monday, not really thinking I would be able to see him that day. The receptionist put me on hold. She came back a moment later, and said I could have an appointment to meet Pastor Ken at 3 p.m. .

We talked for a while. Pastor Ken said by all means stop by and see the Center, visit, say hi to the staff. it was sounded like a good idea to me.

As we were talking about the Calvary Chapel Training Center (CCTC for short) Pastor Ken paused for a moment as though he was thinking. He than and said “wait a minute, come to think of it, Michael Farrar will be here at the church this evening at 6pm presenting a slideshow about the CCTC”. He though for another moment and said “let me go look and see if he still in the building”. I followed him out of the room we were talking in, down the hall, to the next door on our right and surprise surprise, there he was, Michael Farrar himself. The person that I would look up when I got to Dumaguete. What a blessing, to be able to meet him in person, before my trip. We spent some time together, talking about the Training Center, and my trip there.

Our conversation was very beneficial, as Michael gave me some tips on do’s and don’ts for my visit. Such as Global One being the best choice for local SIM card. We discussed the local currency, and where to get the best exchange rate. He even told me some of the cultural things to be aware of, such as don’t embarrass people in public, and when you want someone’s attention, you don’t raise your hand with one finger pointed in the air and wave it toward you. Oh no, that is a big No-No. That is like referring to someone as a prostitute. yeah, it’s good to know what you don’t know when you’re visiting another culture.

I told Michael I wanted to visit some of the local sights while there. He said if I was there on a Saturday, when he is normally not busy with the Training Center, he might would even be able to show me around. My plan is to arrive there Friday evening, be there all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and leave for Cebu City Monday morning. Hopefully Michael I can spend the day together Saturday. I could go to church with him on Sunday morning, then hang out and maybe see more sights Sunday afternoon.

I was talking to Michael about my transportation options. He recommended I fly PacificAir back to Cebu. He has done it many times himself.

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