Sunday Morning in Dumaguete

Bungalow, Pura Vida Beach Resort, Philippines I awoke to the low humming of the wall mounted air conditioning unit, and the chirping of birds just outside my bungalow. I swung my feet over the edge of the bed, stood up and walked to the bathroom. Upon exiting the bathroom I walked to the sliding glass door, pulled back the draperies, and took in the beautiful view of the lush dew kissed grounds just beyond the bamboo railing of my Bungalow’s porch.

I changed my shorts, slipped on my shoes, open the sliding glass door, and stepped out onto the porch. I breathed in deeply enjoying the fresh morning air. Still a little cool, before the sun becomes warm enough to create the humid mugginess that causes your clothes to stick to your skin. I strolled around the grounds a bit enjoying the slight breeze and luscious surroundings.

I returned to my bungalow and changed clothes for church. My friend Michael would be picking me up a little after 10:00 for the 10:30 am service. When we arrived at Michael’s church (Calvary Chapel Dumaguete), he dropped me off at the entrance while he went and parked his van. The worship portion of the service had already started. I found a seat and joined in.

After the service I meet up with Michael and was introduced to his wife and four children.  I joined Michael and his family for lunch at one of their favorite spots downtown near the water. After lunch they then drove me back to my resort.

I rested, and did some more writing for the rest of the afternoon. Later in the evening I went to the bar where I tried a specialty pizza. I did not care for it. One of those things that are just different.

Back in my bungalow, I organized and packed  my bags, and got ready for a early van ride to the airport.

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