Down South for an Exciting Adventure

Taloot Wharf, Clyff's Kitchenette, Floating Restaurant

Sunday morning Lane, Jezzy, her sister’s family, and I loaded into a rented van (with driver), and drove South toward Taloot Wharf and Cliffs Kitchenette, also known as the floating restaurant. After we worked our way out of the city we were traveling South on Cebu S Road. We continued past Carcar where it turns into Natalio B Bacall S National Highway. That took us to Taloot Wharf. We parked, then walked on the bamboo walkway stretching out over the water to the floating restaurant.

Bamboo walkway to Floating RestaurantWe met some of Jezzy’s other relatives at the restaurant. There were about 14 of us and all. We enjoyed a tasty meal of fresh fish caught right outside the restaurant, and served to us. I don’t remember the names of all the fish, but they were very tasty with a little soy sauce and vinegar. We also ate calamari. Both breaded and not. I preferred the breaded version. We were also served some very large shrimp along with seaweed and rice. I’m not much of a seafood eater, but when you get it this fresh, prepared by people who really know fish, it is quite good. I didn’t care much for the seaweed, but it is an experience to try it.Ed Pierce at the Floating Restaurant

We finished our meal, and walked back across the bamboo walkway to our van. Once everyone was gathered around we said our goodbyes, and departed. We headed back North on Natalio B Bacall S National Highway. We traveled for a ways then turned left on San Vincente Drive which turned into Carcar / Barili Road. We took this long and winding road just passed the town of Barili. We pulled in, and parked at the entrance to Mantayupan Falls. A short walk brought to the falls. These were not the tallest falls I have seen, but they were nice enough. In any case, falls are always a beautiful sight to behold. We drove back to the town of Barili where we stopped, and waited for a truck that would be taking Lane, Jezzy, and her parents, up a hill to where Jezzy’s sister and family live. Lane and Jezzy would stay with her sister for a couple days. The driver drove Jezzy’s uncle Elvis, and I back to Cebu City. He dropped me off at my hotel, then took Elvis home.

I tried to do some writing, but was too tired. So I laid down for a nap, around 8 p.m., and woke up the next morning.

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