Second Catch Up Day – Alona Beach

Alona Beach, Panglao Island PhilippinesLane, Jezzy, and her parents, were scheduled to return to Cebu today on the OceanJet ferry. I stayed in my room at Alona Vida Beach Resort for most of the day writing. I ventured out and took walk along the beach on occasion to take a break from writing. Nothing eventful happened. I walked as far as I could along the beach to the left, then all the way back to the right, taking photos.

I returned to my room and continued writing. I again decided to go for walk, it was dark. I was walking along the upper beach area when I noticed four young girls hanging out on the lower beach area. Their moving around caught my attention, so I looked at them. They noticed that I was looking at them, and one of them, looking at me yell, “hi there”. I thought to myself, oh no, not again. I quickly turned and walked away. Not looking back.

Coco Vida Bar & Restaurant, Alona Beach PhilippinesI found myself a table at the Coco Vida Bar and Restaurant, and sat down. A waitress noticed me right away, and brought a menu.  I ordered a meal of fried pork, rice, vegetables, and an iced tea. The same group of three Filipino men were entertaining the crowd with their versions of many popular songs. I enjoyed my meal, then sat there a while listening to the music before retiring to my room to do little more writing. Before long, I tired and went to bed.

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