San Francisco to Seoul, South Korea

seat next to emergency exitUpon boarding our Boeing 747, I discovered why I got a seat in the economy plus area for the economy price. Not only was I expected to operate the emergency exit (if necessary) but there is less leg room there because the bottom of the door is large, and contains an inflatable emergency slide.

Fortunately for me, the seat next to me remained unoccupied. I moved over and enjoyed more leg room. Actually, I moved between the two seats. The center seat when I wanted more leg and right elbow room (to write), and the exit door seat when I wanted to lean against the wall to sleep
seat nest to mine on flight to Philippines

It also does not offer a good view of the movie screens. Fortunately, as I mentioned earlier I have some TV episodes downloaded to my smartphone. I also have the Kindle app installed with a good selection of books. I settled in for the 12-hour flight with a routine of: watch an episode of Hawaii Five-O, read a chapter or two in my book, take a nap, repeat.

Meal on my flight from Las Vegas to PhilippinesAn hour into our flight the flight attendants served us lunch. I selected the chicken and rice with green pea pods and roll with butter. It was okay. Desert was lemon sorbet. A couple of hours later they came around with a small ham and cheese sandwich and a tiny bag of M&Ms.

We then went a long, long time without any food service, I began wondering if there would be one. Finally, about nine hours into our flight they served us our choice of an omelet or pancakes. I chose the omelet with potatoes and a sausage link. It was okay.

After eating our last meal (oh, doesn’t sound good saying it that way “our last meal” while flying in an airplane, thankfully it wasn’t. The captain came on the speaker system to informed us we were ahead of schedule, and would be landing in about 45 minutes. I packed up my things, and tried to get a little more sleep. I knew I would soon be walking around Incheon airport for about five hours waiting for my next flight.

Tip: on a long flight like this it is a good idea to have a external battery pack for keeping your electronic devices charged. I surely used mine.

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