Renewing A Passport, May Be Easier Than You Think

Photo of a US Passport. Renewing a passport. My research online seemed to indicate that if I was renewing a passport, I needed to call a number to schedule an appointment at a Post Office to submit an application. I tried many, many times and could never get pass the message machine at this number. I finally  visited my closest post office in person hoping to move forward with this process.

When I walked into the post office, there was a long line of people waiting for counter service. I pressed the buzzer at the parcel pick-up door, and waited. After about five minutes and another person pressing the buzzer again, an agent opened the door. I told him I was renewing a passport and asked if he could help me with my application. He said I needed to call and make an appointment. I explained I had been trying to do that. He said he understood the challenge of getting through to a person at the appointment number. He said if I came back Thursday afternoon, he would try a fit me in. I thanked, him and turned to leave.

As I was leaving, a man who overheard our conversation said his wife experienced the same challenge. He said she called the number, continued to push redial (for 20 minutes) until she finally got through to a person and made an appointment. I thanked him and left the post office.

After repeatedly trying unsuccessfully to make an appointment, I returned to the post office Thursday afternoon. After five minutes and no answer at the parcel pick-up door, I walked into the counter service area. There was a lady there retrieving parcels for people. I explained to her my conversation with the man on Wednesday. She told me to wait in the line and one of the counter people would help me.

I stepped up to a very friendly lady at the counter, and explained my situation. She asked if I was applying for a new passport, or renewing. I said I was renewing. She noticed I had completed and printed the incorrect form from online. She then pointed to a plastic document holder on the counter and told me to grab a pink form. She then told me everything I needed to do: how to fill out the form, what items I needed to submit with it, how much and the proper form of payment, and where to send it. She then handed me a priority envelope, a mailing label, said it would cost $6.65 to mail.

You’re kidding me! After all my run-a-round. All I had to do was go the post office, pick-up a form, complete the requirements, then bring it back to mail it off.

Now you know what you need to do and how to do it simply. You’re welcome.

With that said, you may have passport needs other than a simple renewal. If that is true, then you may want to visit the U.S. Passport Service Guide website at:


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