My Philippines Journey Begins

In early January 2017, one of my co-workers, Lane, mentioned that he and his Filipino wife Jezzy, was planning a trip her home town of Cebu City, in the Philippines, to visit her family. This piqued my interest because I sponsor a child through Compassion International who lives in the Philippines. His name is Jomel.

Over the next couple of weeks I asked Lane questions about his trip: where they were going, how long would they be there, what were they planning on doing. As we talked about their trip, I became more and more interested. I soon began to give some serious thought to joining Lane and Jezzy. I asked Lane what he thought about my joining them on their trip, he responded, “Sure, that would be great”.


They would be traveling in July. Not the best time of the year to visit the Philippines, due to it being the rainy season. When I asked why they were going in July, I was told because Jezzy is a school teacher, and summer is when she is able to take vacations. That made sense.

Surely I could have planned a trip by myself. However, I have never traveled out of the United States. And, quite frankly the thought of doing so scares me. I have all these images of being lost in a very unfamiliar land, with a culture I don’t understand, and a language I don’t speak. Thoughts of being robbed or stranded, not knowing what to do, or who to turn to.


But, as you’ll read through the posts on this blog, through research and preparation, I became very comfortable with idea of traveling to a foreign land. It helped that I would be traveling with friends. However, because of separate plans, we would only be together eight out of the 14 days of our trip. However, for three days I will be with other people from the area. You’ll read about them in future posts.


Read on as I began planning for my Journey.

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