Last Day in the Philippines

Ayala Center, Cebu, PhilippinesWe didn’t plan much for our last day in the Philippines. I spent the morning organizing my things, and repacking my bags. I needed to now make room for souvenirs and other items I planned on purchasing today. I met my friends in the hotel lobby around noon. We walked a short distance, made our way through the  Jeepney center, across the street, and arrived at the Ayala Center.

Tokyo Tempura, Ayala Center, Cebu, PhilippinesThere was a line to get into the mall, as people were working their way through the security check point. I had not eaten anything yet, so our first stop was for food. We took the escalator up to the 6th floor of the Metro Department Store to their food court. After checking out the 20 plus food kiosks, I decided on the Shrimp Tempura from Tokyo Tempura. Made fresh as I watched and very tasty. I followed that up with a fresh coconut drink from Buko Express, very refreshing.

Metro Department Store, Ayala Center, Cebu, PhilippinesI followed Lane and Jezzy as they searched for additional gifts and souvenirs. I was simply awed by the size of the Metro Department Store. As the photo shows, it was six stories up, plus to basement levels. Each floor was easily accessible by  multiple escalators.

We eventually exited Metro and strolled along the other shops in the mall. I had missed my opportunity to sample avocado ice cream, so we looked for a shop or kiosks offering it. We did not find one. Oh well, that would have to wait for another time.
 We decided we had walked the mall enough, and wanted to start heading back to our hotel. Our last stop was back to the Metro supermarket, located on level B1. The is where I would spend my remaining extra Pesos purchasing packaged fruits such as: dried Papaya, Mangorinds, Banana Chips, and my favorite, Mangoes dipped in dark chocolate.

Back to my hotel room. I organized all my belongings, and worked on packing my suitcases for the trip home. Having given the gifts I brought to Jomel and his family, I now had room for my souvenirs and packaged fruits.

Kuyai Restaurant, Cebu, PhilippinesLater in the evening we walked a short distance from the hotel to a nearby restaurant, the Kuyaj. Jezzy’s parents met us there. We enjoyed our last meal of authentic Filipino cuisine together.
 After dinner we returned to our hotel, gathered up out suitcases, checked out. We stepped outside, noticing it had started to rain, and met our hired van. We traveled to the airport and started, in reverse, the process that brought us on this wonderful journey.














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