Las Vegas to San Francisco

View from my seat on flight from Las Vegas to San Francisco, on way to the Philippines.

View from my seat on flight from Las Vegas to San Francisco.

I got dropped off at McCarran International Airport at 5:30 a.m. Check-in went smoothly. I then proceeded over to Security. No problems there except, the TSA agent noticed something under my shirt in my chest area. I raised my shirt to show him my hidden passport pouch. He grabbed and squished it, and in the process, ripped out the stitches separating the pouch from the cord that goes around my neck.

I proceeded to my departure gate and met up with my friends Lane and Jezzy. After a short wait, we boarded our plane and got settled in.

Shortly after take-off I opened my Samsung tablet to watch the second season of The Last Kingdom, which I had downloaded from Netflix, only to discover my downloads had expired. I then tried to use the United movie streaming service, but I did not have the United app installed on my tablet, and could not find WiFi access to download it. I tried using my Samsung Galaxy S6 plus, which did have the United app installed but was told it was not compatible with the service. However, I did have a number of episodes of the 7th season of Hawaii Five-O downloaded to my phone. it’s good to have options.

We arrived in San Francisco and went looking for the gate for our connecting flight. After talking with Lane, I decided I would need more cash for my trip. This is because many of the places I will be visiting will most likely not accept credit or debit cards. My first mistake was bringing only a credit card, no debit card. With a debit card I could have withdrawn cash from my account. When I tried to get a cash advance with my credit card, it asked for a PIN. I tried my PIN several times and it did not work. It was then that I realized that PIN was for my debit card, and I had not set up a PIN for the credit card. I walked back to the gate, which was some distance from this ATM, to talk with Lane. He suggested I call the number on the back of the card, and see if I could set up a PIN. I called the number on the back of the card, the assistant who answered was very helpful with helping me to setup the PIN. Having only 20 minutes before the plane started boarding, I walked quickly back to the ATM, hoping there was no line. No line. I withdrew $1,000 cash, it came all in 20’s. Lane had told me you get the best exchange rates with $100 bills. I asked around and could only get three 100 bills from merchants. when I returned to the gate, my group had already boarded. But, the attendance allowed me to go head and board the plane.

Alright, ready for the next leg of my journey.

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