July in the Philippines, What Do I Wear?

I need to decide what clothing I will want to wear while in the Philippines. The weather expected to be warm, and very humid with the possibility of rain at any moment, so I will want to dress appropriate, and comfortable. I will plan on mostly wearing a ball cap, polo shirts, shorts, and comfortable shoes with ankle socks, or no socks at all.

My main concern is matching my clothing choices to my expected activities and room availability in the luggage I eventually decide on.

I already have a few polo shirt of a type I enjoying wearing. I think they will be perfect for the Philippines. They are the FeatherLite  Moisture Free Mesh Sport Shirt from Wardens. I will also take a couple other moisture wicking t-shirts, and one or two muscle shirts.

I have ordered a pair of Pick Pocket Proof shorts from TravelSmith. They are specifically designed to keep all your valuables safe. The have zippered pockets under buttoned flaps. I looking forward to trying them out. I also have a pair of moisture wicking short from REI. I have worn these shorts while hiking the narrows in Zion National Park. The wear well, are very comfortable, and dry rather quickly. And one other pair of standard plaid shorts that should serve me well.

For shoes I’m thinking I will take two pairs. A running/walking shoes for walking on hard services such as in the city, malls, and hikes in the mountains. And a pair of water shoes for boat tours, and spending time on the beach and in the water.

I am considering if I should bring a pair of long pants. Although I will most likely wear shorts all the time. Long pants might more comfortable for the air flights. And, maybe a good idea just to have a pair along.

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