Incheon Airport, South Korea

Incheon Airport signAfter we arrived at Incheon Airport, we started looking for our next departure gate. We were required to go through another security checkpoint to enter into our gate area for our connecting flight to the Philippines. This section of Incheon Airport is a huge Maze of hallways leading off of a main hallway toward boarding gates surrounded by many, shops and eateries.

We located our next boarding gate. There was no one there but us. We sat for a moment, repacked our bags, used the restroom, and devised a plan for the next five hours. I wanted to charge my GoPro, but couldn’t find the charging cable. I figured I would find a place to buy a new one. We decided what time we needed to be back for boarding, then went looking for a place to eat, I found a Taco Bell where you can order a Two Taco Combo with a beer. We’re not in America anymore. We decided on another Eatery. I don’t recall the name, but the pork cutlet and raspberry aid was delicious.

After eating, I looked for a store where I could buy that charging cable I needed. We found a store, but they only had a charging set that included the cable plus a charging box and a battery, for $51 US. Well, I needed the cable so I Bought it.

We still had much time to kill before boarding our connecting flight. After walking around the shops for a while we noticed a sign reading “Transit Hotel”. Curious, we took the elevator up one level and discovered a hidden gem. Although we did not find out what the transit Hotel was, we did discover a very large secluded rest area with many unique amenities such as,Heineken Lounge Incheon Airport

A Nap Zone: with flat lounges to sleep on.
Multiple Relax Zones: with tables, benches, shared and private.
A Heineken Lounge with comfortable chairs overlooking the shopping area.
Shower area: for free.
Massage area: for a fee.
The Sky Hub Lounge. I did not go in, but I think it NAP Zone Incheon Airpoetis a membership club for frequent travelers.
Plus more.

We returned to our boarding gate, which was very full now. Standing room only. We waited about 40 minutes before being allowed to board, and were soon on our way again.

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