Hotel and Ferries

My trip will be taking me to Cebu City on the island of Cebu, then to Tagbilaran  on the island of Bohol, then back to Cebu City. Therefore I will  be needing three hotel reservations, and two ferry rides. I took Hotel suggestions from Lane, who has traveled to these locations before.

In Cebu City, Lane recommended the Best Western Plus Hotel. He will be staying at another hotel which will be more accommodating to him, and his wife’s family.

Next, I will be traveling to Tagbilaran. This trip requires a two hour ferry ride. I do not believe the ferry requires a reservation, although one is recommended for better accommodations. Lane says he will take care of this for all of us.

In Tagbilaran, actually I will be staying just off the coast on Panglao Island in an area called Alona Beach. My reservation is for the Alona Beach Resort. Again, this is where Lane stayed on his last trip. On this trip he will be staying at a resort nearby which again, will be more accommodating to more people.

We will be taking the ferry back to Cebu.

Upon our return to Cebu City, Lane and his family, and myself will be staying at the Quest Hotel and Convention Center. I will be staying in a standard room, while Lane and his family will be staying higher up in a multi-room condominium.

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