Back to Cebu

I arranged a van from the Pura Vida Resort to take me to the airport, leaving at 5:00am. I got through security and checked in without incident. After a short wait, I boarded my Cebu Pacific Air flight. We landed on a wet tarmac at Cebu / Mactan International Airport. I boarded a shuttle bus and was taken to the terminal. I entered, retrieved by checked bag then walked outside where an attendant led me to a waiting taxi. I instructed the driver to take me to the Quest Hotel. At the Quest Hotel, I checked in and went to Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning in Dumaguete

I awoke to the low humming of the wall mounted air conditioning unit, and the chirping of birds just outside my bungalow. I swung my feet over the edge of the bed, stood up and walked to the bathroom. Upon exiting the bathroom I walked to the sliding glass door, pulled back the draperies, and took in the beautiful view of the lush dew kissed grounds just beyond the bamboo railing of my Bungalow’s porch. I changed my shorts, slipped on my shoes, open the sliding glass door, and stepped out onto the porch. I breathed in deeply enjoying the Continue Reading →

Resorting in Dumaguete

From Tagbilaran City, I embarked on the two hour OceanJet ferry ride to Dumaguete. A short time after exiting the ferry, my phone rang. It was my friend Michael. He was waiting for me just outside the gate to the ferry terminal. After loading my bags, and hoping into his van, Michael took me for a tour of the down town area of Dumaguete City, it was a very short tour. We then drove to the Calvary Chapel Training Center.   Michael showed me around the expansive Calvary Chapel Training Center (CCTC), which houses the Calvary Chapel Bible College. While Continue Reading →

Second Catch Up Day – Alona Beach

Lane, Jezzy, and her parents, were scheduled to return to Cebu today on the OceanJet ferry. I stayed in my room at Alona Vida Beach Resort for most of the day writing. I ventured out and took walk along the beach on occasion to take a break from writing. Nothing eventful happened. I walked as far as I could along the beach to the left, then all the way back to the right, taking photos. I returned to my room and continued writing. I again decided to go for walk, it was dark. I was walking along the upper beach Continue Reading →

Visiting Jomel

I awoke at 5 a.m. and prepared myself for the exciting and adventurous day that lie ahead. I gather all my things, exited my room, walk out to the beach, turned right then walked along the shoreline to the spot where I was to meet my driver. I was very anxious not knowing how I would connect with him or her. I did not know what the driver would be driving, and they did not know what I looked like. But then, I assume they did know they were picking up man from the U.S. Therefore I would not be Continue Reading →

Touring Bohol

A van picked up Lane, Jezzy, and her parents, then came down to the beach and picked me up. We drove East along the South Coast Road. We stopped and visited a very old church, built in the 1700s. It was partially destroyed in the 2013 earthquake, and is in the process of being rebuilt. We continued on, and visited the Tarsier habitat. The Tarsier is the smallest member of the monkeythe family, and is unique to only a very few regions of the world, including Bohol. After visiting the Tarsiers, we continued on and drove up to the Chocolate Continue Reading →

Ferry to Tagbilaran

I took a taxi, by myself for the first time, to the OceanJet ferry terminal. I passed through two checkpoints, check my one large suitcase. I found a seat, and sat down in the waiting area. I waited around an hour for Lane, and his family to show up. I am glad I showed up earlier. I had a much easier time getting my bag checked then Lane did. They arrive, checked their bags, and joined me where I was seated. Once the announcement came, we boarded the ferry. Lane and his family sat on the first level. I had Continue Reading →

Catch Up Day

Wow, things are happening so fast here. I’m trying to find the time to keep up with writing blog posts of everything I am doing and experiencing. Today I mostly hung out around the hotel, and worked on my blog. In the afternoon, I took a walk over to Cebu IT Park. I viewed a shop selling fried bananas on a stick. I had heard about these from some of my Filipino friends, and wanted to give it a try. It was actually quite good. Back to the hotel, I walked around the beautiful grounds of the Waterfront Hotel, and Continue Reading →

Down South for an Exciting Adventure

Sunday morning Lane, Jezzy, her sister’s family, and I loaded into a rented van (with driver), and drove South toward Taloot Wharf and Cliffs Kitchenette, also known as the floating restaurant. After we worked our way out of the city we were traveling South on Cebu S Road. We continued past Carcar where it turns into Natalio B Bacall S National Highway. That took us to Taloot Wharf. We parked, then walked on the bamboo walkway stretching out over the water to the floating restaurant. We met some of Jezzy’s other relatives at the restaurant. There were about 14 of Continue Reading →

Walking, Shopping, and Roasted Pig

Saturday morning I left my room in search of the hotel gym to get in a short workout. I found the gym one level down from the hotel lobby. The gym, as I called it, was really more of a fitness center. It was very impressive, including a room with cardio and weight machines, a dojo with mats, a cardio classroom with wood floor, boxing ring, UFC workout room, and a separate yoga studio, plus men’s and women’s locker rooms. I spent a little time on a treadmill, then did a run through the weight machines.  After my work out Continue Reading →