God Provides a Gift for Jomel

Bible for JomelAt the end of January, I attended a missions conference at my local church. During a break, I visited the table of one of the speakers. I was handed a card, to fill out for a chance to win a free Bible. I filled out the card and handed it back. I then moved over to look at the Bible that was being given away. I realized It was the same exact bible I already had.

As I walked back into the room where the conference was being held, I was thinking to myself, I don’t need this, I really shouldn’t have entered in the drawing.  I then specifically prayed that God would give the bible to someone who would really want it, read it, and someone who could not afford it on their own.

I arrived home after the conference and noticed a new text message on my phone. It said I had won the bible. I wasn’t sure what to think of that. Like I said before, I felt I shouldn’t have entered the drawing, and even prayed that the bible would go someone specific. And here I won it. Hmm…

I then thought to myself, oh well I know what I’ll do, I’ll give it to Jomel. It was right at that moment that I realized, God did answer my prayer. By my giving the bible to Jomel, it would in fact go to someone who would want it, read it, and could not afford to buy it on his own.

Now, that’s a God thing.

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