Are Filipinos Trying to Marry-off Their Women?

What is it about friends (Filipinos in particular) that if you are single, they want you to find a wife when you visit the Philippines?

I encounter this often when I announce that I will be visiting the Philippines. I have experienced this not only with friends and co-workers, but with other people as well.

I knocked on a room door in the hotel where I work as a Bellman. I was there to deliver their luggage. I was greeted by an older Filipino couple. After bringing their luggage into the room, I welcomed them to our hotel. Noticing they were Filipino, I started talking to them about my upcoming trip to their home land. I told them I would be visiting a boy who I have been sponsoring for the past ten years. I said I would be traveling with a fellow co-worker and his Filipino wife.

The man asked me how long I would be in the Philippines. I replied, “two weeks”. He paused a moment, thinking. He then looked at me and said, “I think that will be long enough for your friend to find you a good wife”. I politely replied that I was quite happily single, and we all had a good laugh. I bid them an enjoyable visit, and returned to my work station.

I shared this story with a female co-worker who is also Filipino. She got a good laugh from it also. What is this, some inside joke? Is the Filipino community secretly trying to marry off their single ladies to American men? Admittedly that would not be a bad thing, if I was in the market for a wife. My co-worker (a white male like myself) in quite happily married to his Filipino wife.

But, for now, I am quite happy to enjoy the amazing sights, beautiful beaches, and visit my sponsored child, Jomel.

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