Ferry to Tagbilaran

OceanJet Ferry from Cebu to Totalitarian PhilippinesI took a taxi, by myself for the first time, to the OceanJet ferry terminal. I passed through two checkpoints, check my one large suitcase. I found a seat, and sat down in the waiting area. I waited around an hour for Lane, and his family to show up. I am glad I showed up earlier. I had a much easier time getting my bag checked then Lane did. They arrive, checked their bags, and joined me where I was seated. Once the announcement came, we boarded the ferry. Lane and his family sat on the first level. I had bought a business class ticket, so I headed upstairs. There wasn’t too much of a difference. The seats in business class were a little more comfortable, and we had our own bathroom. We pulled away from the dock, and set sail, or I guess I should say motored, toward Tagbilaran.

Alona Vida Resort, Coco Vida Restaurant

When we arrived at Tagbilaran, a van was waiting to take us to our hotels. Lane and his family were staying at one hotel, I was staying at another. We both got settled in. Lane and family came to my hotel. We walked along Alona Beach until we found a suitable place to eat. After eating we walked along the beach again until we found a place selling ice cream. I tried the Ube. It is made from a very purple fruit, and was very delicious. We then separated and went back to our rooms. I laid down, slept for a while, and woke up about midnight.

I went out for a walk along the beach. A young girl came up to me, asked my name, and put out her hand. I shook it and told her my name. She asked me something like, “do you want…”. I could not understand what she asked. But I sensed it was something I did not want. I said no thank you, and turned away. I quickly walked back to my room, looking over my shoulder to make sure she was not following me.

I settled back into my room for the night and, after a little reading, went to sleep.

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