I Decided It Was Time To Reward Myself

I usually stay away from credit cards offering rewards. In fact I normally use a debit card. I know very well reward cards are designed in such a way as to temp the card holder to spend more money, and I don’t want the temptation. However, there are four reasons I decided to sign up for a Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer card.

1 United is the airline I chose to fly to the Philippines, because I am traveling with Friends who have already booked their air travel through United.

2 They offered 50,000 air miles for a new account. Plus air miles For every dollar charged on the card. I figured with this bonus, and little usage, I would have the airfare covered for my next far away Journey.

3 Using a credit card offers other benefits such as: fraud protection, and easier car rental and hotel reservations.  Most hotels and car rental agencies require a credit card for rental or reservation. And you have some recourse against fraudulent or unauthorized credit card transactions through your credit card insurer.

3 I already bank with Chase, and use their online account management to manage my multiple accounts.  After being approved, this card was added as an account to my Chase online account management, so keeping track of my card balance, and making a payment is very easy. I simply transfer funds from my main checking account over to my Mileage Plus Explorer card.

A new account offer of 50,000 air miles, for  card offering benefits, from  company I wanted to do business with, through a bank I already used to manage my existing accounts,  was s win, win, win win for me.

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