Day 4 – 26 Day Detox

Eds Journey 26 Day Detox sauted Hippo soup

Hippo Saute. Much better than the Hippo Soup.

Final day of Phase 1.

Today went about the same as yesterday. For dinner my sister sautéed the ingredients for Hippo Soup. We enjoyed it much more this way. I placed what was left from dinner into a glass jar, and took that and a small Cucumber Tomato Salad to work for lunch. Turns out the Hippo Sauté was enough for lunch at work. I didn’t even eat the Cucumber Tomato Salad.

Although I had my dry skin brush, and my printed out brushing diagram, I had been putting off Dry Skin Brushing. So today I decided to do it. I stood, with all my clothes off, in front of the bathroom mirror. I placed GSG’s Dry Skin Brushing instruction out on the counter, and did each area one at a time, referring to the instructions. I found it helpful, at times, to watch in the mirror as I was brushing. It took me around 15 minutes. I believe I can reduce that down to 10 minutes once I know the routine and do not need to continually refer to the diagrams.

I am learning that the skin is the largest detoxification organ in the body. And brushing away dead skin cells helps to open the pores and allow the skin to breathe and detoxify more efficiently.
Robyn has said, “If the blood supply brings in the groceries, the lymphatic system takes out the garbage.”

I must admit, I found it to be very invigorating. I planning on doing it on a regular basis. 

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