Commitment Made to Greatly Improve My Health

I clicked on the link under the first video titled: “Learn More About Our Live-Supported Detox Event”. This took me to the order page with additional information about the program. There are five levels of participation:

Manual Only – ebook.
Manual Only – Print.
Full Support Membership.
Full Support for 2 Membership.
Lifetime Membership.

Since my sister and I were going to do the program together as “buddy”, I selected the Full Support for 2 Membership. This save us each $57.00 each over the single membership.

This membership included two each of the following:
Quick Start Guides.
Invitations to the private Facebook Group offering support from GSG (Green Smoothly Girl) and other Detoxers.
Access to the Detox Portal: Q&A calls, daily content, plus lots of other information and support materials.

We also each opted to purchase the Detox Companion Kit which includes:
Plant-Based Protein with prebiotics.
TriOmega Superfood with essential omega 3’s.
Ultimate Minerals for body support and heavy metal removal.
PreZymePro, a digestive aid with probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes.
Garden Vites, an antioxidant superfood blend.

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