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Coming Soon, 4 Exciting Books About My Journey to the Philippines

I will be embarking soon on my Journey to the Philippines. The journey actually began the moment I decided to go. I have been writing about every step of the way, including all the preparation that goes into planning a trip such as this. I will be putting my journey into four books, each focusing on a specific aspect of my journey.

Ed's Journey

Ed's Journey - Philippines "Coming Soon"

At the title states, this book will cover my entire Journey from the day I decided to go, through all the preparation, the actual trip, and back home again.

Ed's Journey Just The Stories

Ed's Journey - Philippines Just the Stories "Coming Soon"

Perhaps you're not interested in "all" the details of my Journey, but only want to read about the adventurous stories. This is the book for you.

Ed's Journey Just The Facts

Ed's Journey - Philippines Just the Facts "Coming Soon"

Are you interested in taking your first trip to the Philippines, or perhaps another country. In this book I present all the details of my preparation. From planning, booking airline and hotels, packing, making important decisions, having the proper documents, and more.

Ed's Journey - Visiting Jomel

Ed's Journey - Philippines Visiting Jomel "Coming Soon"

The most important motivator for my traveling to the Philippines, is to visit Jomel. Jomel is a child I have sponsored through Compassion International for the past ten years. We have corresponded through letters, but now I have the pleasure of meeting him in person.