Booking My Flight to the Philippines

As mentioned earlier, I will be traveling on United Airlines because that is who my friends are using. After receiving their flight itinerary, I visited the website, and proceeded to book an identical itinerary. Happily I was able to do so.  I may have been able to fly to the Philippines at a lower cost, but this being my first time traveling to a foreign country, I wanted to be with my friends as much as possible.

The flight to San Francisco is 1hr, 50min on a Boeing 737. For this short flight I chose a United Economy aisle seat. The flight to Seoul Korea, as one might expect, is much longer. How about 12 hours, on a Boeing 747. I still chose United Economy. However, it seems I might have got lucky. They offered one Economy seat in the Economy Plus section (with more leg room). So I grabbed it. The only thing, and probably why it was offered at the Economy price, is that it is next to the emergency exit. Anyone accepting this seat must meet certain requirements related to the ability to operate the exit door. That will not be a problem for me. So, legs, you’re welcome. And, I have the same seat on the return flight.

The flight from Seoul to Cebu is 4hr, 30min on a Airbus A321.

My return trip will begin on a Boeing 767 from Cebu back to Seoul. Again 4hr, 30min. Then back on the Boeing 747 back to San Francisco. The flight is only 10hr, 50min this time. I think due to the wind currents. And again on a Boeing 737 back home to Las Vegas, in a little less time of 1hr, 35min.

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