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The cross of Magellan, Mactan island Philippines

The cross of Magellan encased in an outer protective cross.

I arranged a van from the Pura Vida Resort to take me to the airport, leaving at 5:00am. I got through security and checked in without incident. After a short wait, I boarded my Cebu Pacific Air flight. We landed on a wet tarmac at Cebu / Mactan International Airport. I boarded a shuttle bus and was taken to the terminal. I entered, retrieved by checked bag then walked outside where an attendant led me to a waiting taxi. I instructed the driver to take me to the Quest Hotel.

At the Quest Hotel, I checked in and went to my room.  Once in my room I tried calling Lane’s room. I could not. I called the operator. She confirmed I was not allowed to call his room, and she could not connect me. The reason? I was staying at the Quest Hotel, Lane was staying at the Quest Residence, which consists of Time-Share units. I finally connected with Lane through Facebook messenger.  We agreed on a time to  meet in the hotel lobby.

trying Halo Halo

Halo Halo, Yum. NOT!

We took a taxi to a very old catholic church, where we met up with Jezzy’s parents. This is the church Jezzy attended when she was a child. Near the entrance is a memorial containing the cross Magellan planted when he arrived on the Philippine island of Cebu.  After walking around the church awhile, we walked across the street and eat lunch a Chow King, another popular fast food place in the Philippines. Jezzy and Lane encouraged me to try the much loved Filipino desert of Halo Halo. In consists of shaved ice, ube ice cream, white beans, corn, gummy fruit, and flan. As much as the Filipinos love it, it sounded terrible to me, and I was correct. I hated it.

Shanghai Resort, Philippines

This is how they greet you at the Shangri-La Resort.

We then loaded into Jezzy’s father car and drove to Mactan island. Here we visited the Shangri-La, a very beautiful up scale and secluded Resort. We also visited the Lapu Lapu memorial. Lapu Lapu was a Filipino chief who defeated the invading Spaniards.

After that we left Mactan island and drove to SM Seaside mall. There we met up with some friends of Jezzy and ate dinner at the Seafood Issland restaurant.

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