One thing I have struggled with on my 26 Day Detox, because of my crazy work / sleep schedule, is knowing what day it is when it comes to eating my meals.

I work 9:00pm to 5:00am. I normally go to sleep around 6am, and wake up sometime around 11:30am or noon. I then go back to sleep around 4 to 5:00pm and wake up around 6 or 6:30pm.

My main sleep period is 6am to noon. Shortly after I wake up I eat breakfast, usually a smoothie. What I tried to figure out is, what is my 7pm meal, lunch or dinner? And, my meal I eat at work around 2am, is that dinner or lunch?

The thing is this. My lunch meal at work is actually the next day. So I guess technically my daily meal schedule is: lunch at 2am, breakfast at 1pm, and dinner at 7pm. Crazy huh?

First, I don’t think it really matters. Second, Robyn says we should not eat after 7pm, so our bodies will have 12 hours to digest our last meal, rest, and rebuild. That is difficult to achieve on my schedule

This is what I decided I would do. I like smoothies, and there is such a large variety of flavor options that I am planning on taking 32 ounces of smoothie to work for lunch. Since this is a liquid mean ready to be absorbed and does not need digesting, I believe it still allows my body to rest and rebuild.

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