26 Day Detox – Days 11-14

Nothing much out of the ordinary (for the program) has happened the last four days. I’ve been staying with it. I have been tempted a few times to have a little of my favorite foods, but was able to easily say no because of my commitment to stay to the program to the end.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of week three. I will weight myself and see where I am. I am feeling much better, healthier, and lighter. I must say my energy has not skyrocketed. I’m slightly tired at times and take naps at times as well. But that could be because of my crazy work / sleep schedule.

One thing I have been doing when I wake up from my long sleep is a special exercise for helping the lymphatic system. Robyn recommends doing rebounding on a large or mini trampoline. I have a mini trampoline, but not with me. It is being stored at my brothers home in another state. Because I have one, I don’t want to go buy another. So I have been doing this exercise I recall learning some years ago.

It is similar to rebounding. It goes like this. Stand with most of your weight balanced on the balls of your feet. Make your body as relaxed as you can while still standing. Bend your knees slightly, let your arms flop around naturally at your sides. Begin breathing in as deeply as you can through your nose… more, more, more.   Now breathe out as fully as you can through pursed lips, every ounce of air. Repeat.

I do this for about two minutes. I can see where the bouncing resembles rebounding. I don’t recall why the very deep in and out breathing. But I do remember this exercise was for assisting the lymphatic system. 

Today I need to go shopping for food for next week, and maybe start some food preparation.

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