26 Day Detox – Day 9

Feeling good!

Now having all the ingredients and tools, I made the Millet Porridge. Be sure you clean the Millet. The water after cleaning was quite dirty. I started the Millet cooking according to directions. Then started working on the orange sauce. I was stopped when I opened a can of coconut milk and saw it was solid. Soft but solid. I didn’t know if this was good, it didn’t look right to me. So, I put a post on the Facebook group, along with a photo, and waited for a response. I then dug into it with a spoon and found there was liquid a third of the way into the can. In a very short time some members responded to my post assuring me it was okay and to go ahead and put it all in the blender.

The Millet Porridge, along  with orange sauce, turned out good. Having both ingredients made, all I have to do now is to warm up some of the Millet, pour on some orange sauce and I’m good to go.

For dinner my sister made the Black Bug Soup. It was very bland. I’m hopping my taste buds become accustom to food made with no additional salt. fortunately I had some Cucumber Tomato Salad left over from last Wednesday, and it was still good. So I ate that also. When that wasn’t quite enough, I toasted two slices of Ezekiel 4:9 Low Sodium Sprouted Grain Bread, and Frist Street (from Smart & Final) Sweet Cream unsalted Butter with a little cinnamon. It’s not like the usual bread, but I’m okay with it.

I packed up my two glass bottles of Green Smoothie and headed off to work.

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