26 Day Detox – Day 8

Eds Journey 26 Day Detox

Hot Pink Smoothies, Yum.

Today marks one week on the program. Time to weight myself, try my hand at making Millet Porridge, then get busy with food prep for this coming week.

I started to make the Millet Porridge, and discovered I didn’t have a fine strainer to clean the Millet. So I opted instead to make Hot Pink Smoothies for breakfast. Yum, very tasty.

Later my sister and I went to our favorite local market (next to Sprouts), Smart & Final, to pick up a few additional food Items we needed, plus the strainer. For a small neighborhood market, Smart & Final has a really nice Organic Produce section.

Organic Produce at Smart & Final.

After arriving home we started putting together the ingredients for the Hockey Pucks. Once they were blended, pored, and placed in the oven, I made Green Smoothies with fruit for lunch.

How did the Hockey Pucks turn out? Not so good. We followed the instructions, and baked them for 45 minutes. They came out done on the outside but not on the inside. We place them back in for a while (I don’t know how long, my sister was doing it). When she took them out again, they were about the same. So she got the idea to cut them in half sideways and cook them some more. Finally cooked, but we’ve got to figure out a better way to make them.

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