26 Day Detox – Day 7

Eds Journey 26 Day Detox Organic Produce

Organic Produce is the Best!

Everything went smooth today. Feeling good. Drank my three 32 once green smoothies adding apples. For the third one, I left out the mixed berries and enjoyed it more. Next time I’m going to try adding only strawberries and raspberries, my favorite.

My sister and I went shopping at sprouts. Takes a while when you’re following a specific shopping list, and looking for specific items. Our bill came to $160.00. Seems like a lot to spend at one time for two people for one week. But…

While I drove home, my sister did some calculating. She figured what it would be if you ate out at restaurants and fast food places three times a day, plus snacks, coffee, ect. and spent an average of $10.00 per meal or $30.00 a day. You could spend $210.00 per person per week. We spent $80.00 each (that’s $3.80 per meal) and are eating very healthy. Plus to be fair, you do have to add the cost of the program, and the supplements.

So let’s do that. We each paid $132.00 for the program, plus $156.00 for the Detox Companion Kit for a total of $288.00. Dividing that by 26 days equals 11.07 per day, or $3.69 per meal. For a total of $7.49 per meal during the program. Still cheaper than eating out. Plus the enormous health benefits. And what price can you put on that?

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