Down South for an Exciting Adventure

Sunday morning Lane, Jezzy, her sister’s family, and I loaded into a rented van (with driver), and drove South toward Taloot Wharf and Cliffs Kitchenette, also known as the floating restaurant. After we worked our way out of the city we were traveling South on Cebu S Road. We continued past Carcar where it turns into Natalio B Bacall S National Highway. That took us to Taloot Wharf. We parked, then walked on the bamboo walkway stretching out over the water to the floating restaurant. We met some of Jezzy’s other relatives at the restaurant. There were about 14 of Continue Reading →

Walking, Shopping, and Roasted Pig

Saturday morning I left my room in search of the hotel gym to get in a short workout. I found the gym one level down from the hotel lobby. The gym, as I called it, was really more of a fitness center. It was very impressive, including a room with cardio and weight machines, a dojo with mats, a cardio classroom with wood floor, boxing ring, UFC workout room, and a separate yoga studio, plus men’s and women’s locker rooms. I spent a little time on a treadmill, then did a run through the weight machines.  After my work out Continue Reading →

Lunch, Shopping, and Viking Buffet

I woke up around 10am. I’m now on Philippine time, 15 hours ahead of Las Vegas. I took in my first view of Cebu City from my room. I noticed although I was not on the water front, as the hotel’s name would imply, I could see the ocean past some large dock cranes. I stuffed my backpack with items I thought I might want as I traveled out into the city. I had my umbrella, gopro and accessories, sun screen, bug repellent, a travel roll of toilet paper, a bottle of water, note pad, pen, and a copy of Continue Reading →

Finally Made it to Cebu City, Philippines

We arrived at Cebu Airport a little after 2 a.m. I could tell from looking out the airplane window that it had been raining. We deported the plane, and were led through customs. It was a simple process to show my passport, and continue on through. It was a short wait for our bags to arrive in the baggage claim area. Lane loaded their six plus bags onto a baggage cart, I rolled my two bags. Lane, who was too busy earlier, went to use the bathroom. He then went to the currency exchanged booth to exchange some of his Continue Reading →

Incheon Airport, South Korea

After we arrived at Incheon Airport, we started looking for our next departure gate. We were required to go through another security checkpoint to enter into our gate area for our connecting flight to the Philippines. This section of Incheon Airport is a huge Maze of hallways leading off of a main hallway toward boarding gates surrounded by many, shops and eateries. We located our next boarding gate. There was no one there but us. We sat for a moment, repacked our bags, used the restroom, and devised a plan for the next five hours. I wanted to charge my Continue Reading →

San Francisco to Seoul, South Korea

Upon boarding our Boeing 747, I discovered why I got a seat in the economy plus area for the economy price. Not only was I expected to operate the emergency exit (if necessary) but there is less leg room there because the bottom of the door is large, and contains an inflatable emergency slide. Fortunately for me, the seat next to me remained unoccupied. I moved over and enjoyed more leg room. Actually, I moved between the two seats. The center seat when I wanted more leg and right elbow room (to write), and the exit door seat when I Continue Reading →

Las Vegas to San Francisco

I got dropped off at McCarran International Airport at 5:30 a.m. Check-in went smoothly. I then proceeded over to Security. No problems there except, the TSA agent noticed something under my shirt in my chest area. I raised my shirt to show him my hidden passport pouch. He grabbed and squished it, and in the process, ripped out the stitches separating the pouch from the cord that goes around my neck. I proceeded to my departure gate and met up with my friends Lane and Jezzy. After a short wait, we boarded our plane and got settled in. Shortly after Continue Reading →

Travel Itinerary

Philippines Travel Itinerary Cebu City July   6 Thu. Cebu,  check-in Waterfront Cebu City Hotel. No plans. July   7 Fri. Cebu – Ayala Mall am, return pm for dinner at Viking Buffet. July   8 Sat. Cebu – Cebu IT Park, SM Seaside Mall, Jezzy’s parents for roasted pig feast. July   9 Sun. Cebu – Visit Floating Restaurant, and Mantayupan falls with Jezzy’s family. July 10 Mon. Cebu – Hang around my hotel in Cebu. July 11 Tue. Cebu – Lane & Jezzy return. Check-out, travel to Bohol. Bohol – Tagbilaran City – Panglao Island July 11 Tue. Bohol – check-in Alona Continue Reading →