A Surprise Meeting Helps Me Make A Decision

My local church is the support church for the Calvary Chapel Training Center(CCTC) located in Dumaguete City, the capital of the province of Negros Oriental, slightly South West of the island of Cebu.  Dumaguete is a two-hour ferry ride from Tagbilaran City, and the island of Bohol. So I thought I would visit with my church’s missions Pastor, and talk about visiting the Training Center, while on my trip. I really didn’t know if it would be a good idea. What would I while there? What was there for me to see. Could I stay at the Training Center, or Continue Reading →

Are Filipinos Trying to Marry-off Their Women?

What is it about friends (Filipinos in particular) that if you are single, they want you to find a wife when you visit the Philippines? I encounter this often when I announce that I will be visiting the Philippines. I have experienced this not only with friends and co-workers, but with other people as well. I knocked on a room door in the hotel where I work as a Bellman. I was there to deliver their luggage. I was greeted by an older Filipino couple. After bringing their luggage into the room, I welcomed them to our hotel. Noticing they Continue Reading →

New Passport Arrives, After Some Additional Drama

In February  I wrote about submitting my Passport renewal application. Well, turns out I made a mistake and submitted the incorrect application. I thought I could renew if my passport was not more than 10 years expired. Actually, that’s 10 years from issue date, not expiration date. On March 24, my application was returned, and I was instructed to submit a “new passport” application. Here I go again. I filled out the correct form, made the trip to the post office where it had to be approved by a certified person. They one look at my form and noticed I Continue Reading →