Choosing the Best Luggage for My Trip

Most Airlines allow you three pieces of luggage, without any additional charges. One checked bag, one carry on (19x11x9), one person item (17x10x9).  I set out looking for luggage that would allow me maximum storage capacity, travel well, and keep my items safe and secure.  I figured I wanted a sturdy hard case roller check in bag, and a carry on that would slip securely over the handle of the checked roller bag, and a small backpack as a personal item that I would keep with me at all times. This is what I came up with. Checked bag For Continue Reading →

July in the Philippines, What Do I Wear?

I need to decide what clothing I will want to wear while in the Philippines. The weather expected to be warm, and very humid with the possibility of rain at any moment, so I will want to dress appropriate, and comfortable. I will plan on mostly wearing a ball cap, polo shirts, shorts, and comfortable shoes with ankle socks, or no socks at all. My main concern is matching my clothing choices to my expected activities and room availability in the luggage I eventually decide on. I already have a few polo shirt of a type I enjoying wearing. I Continue Reading →

Working with Compassion to Arrange my Visit with Jomel

Ten years ago, God put it on my heart to help the many children living in poverty. Of course I could not help them all. But, I could help one. For some reason, I don’t really know why, I had an interest in the Philippines. So, I went to the Compassion International website, and looked for a young boy in their system living in the Philippines. I selected Jomel. He was five years old at the time (I was 55), and we shared the same birthday, September 7th. We have been sharing letters, cards, pictures, and gifts, for the last Continue Reading →

Hotel and Ferries

My trip will be taking me to Cebu City on the island of Cebu, then to Tagbilaran  on the island of Bohol, then back to Cebu City. Therefore I will  be needing three hotel reservations, and two ferry rides. I took Hotel suggestions from Lane, who has traveled to these locations before. In Cebu City, Lane recommended the Best Western Plus Hotel. He will be staying at another hotel which will be more accommodating to him, and his wife’s family. Next, I will be traveling to Tagbilaran. This trip requires a two hour ferry ride. I do not believe the Continue Reading →

Booking My Flight to the Philippines

As mentioned earlier, I will be traveling on United Airlines because that is who my friends are using. After receiving their flight itinerary, I visited the website, and proceeded to book an identical itinerary. Happily I was able to do so.  I may have been able to fly to the Philippines at a lower cost, but this being my first time traveling to a foreign country, I wanted to be with my friends as much as possible. The flight to San Francisco is 1hr, 50min on a Boeing 737. For this short flight I chose a United Economy aisle Continue Reading →