God Provides a Gift for Jomel

At the end of January, I attended a missions conference at my local church. During a break, I visited the table of one of the speakers. I was handed a card, to fill out for a chance to win a free Bible. I filled out the card and handed it back. I then moved over to look at the Bible that was being given away. I realized It was the same exact bible I already had. As I walked back into the room where the conference was being held, I was thinking to myself, I don’t need this, I really Continue Reading →

This Trip to the Philippines Will Take Much Planning

I knew once I decided to join my friends, and take this trip to the Philippines, that it would take much planning. So I started considering all the things I would need to plan for, such as: What would I need to do before departing on the trip. What would I need / want to bring. What do I already have, and what would I need to buy. What do I need to know about traveling to a foreign country I’ve never been to. Where would I want to visit, and what I would want to do. First off, I Continue Reading →

My Philippines Journey Begins

In early January 2017, one of my co-workers, Lane, mentioned that he and his Filipino wife Jezzy, was planning a trip her home town of Cebu City, in the Philippines, to visit her family. This piqued my interest because I sponsor a child through Compassion International who lives in the Philippines. His name is Jomel. Over the next couple of weeks I asked Lane questions about his trip: where they were going, how long would they be there, what were they planning on doing. As we talked about their trip, I became more and more interested. I soon began to Continue Reading →