26 Day Detox – Days 11-14

Nothing much out of the ordinary (for the program) has happened the last four days. I’ve been staying with it. I have been tempted a few times to have a little of my favorite foods, but was able to easily say no because of my commitment to stay to the program to the end. Tomorrow will be the beginning of week three. I will weight myself and see where I am. I am feeling much better, healthier, and lighter. I must say my energy has not skyrocketed. I’m slightly tired at times and take naps at times as well. But Continue Reading →

26 Day Detox – Day 10

I sleep really late today. Remember I get off work at 5:00am, and home and to bed around 6:00. Usually I wake up around 11:30am, today I woke up a 2:00pm. Wow! Guess my body wanted some extra rest. I made a Green Smoothly for breakfast. For dinner I prepared and ate two slices of toast with butter, while my sister sauted some squash, carrots, celery, and onions. We found this to be better tasting then the Hippo Soup, but not much. I’m finding I prefer russet potatoes over sweet potatoes.  I then prepared 32 ounces of Hot Pink Smoothie Continue Reading →

26 Day Detox – Day 9

Feeling good! Now having all the ingredients and tools, I made the Millet Porridge. Be sure you clean the Millet. The water after cleaning was quite dirty. I started the Millet cooking according to directions. Then started working on the orange sauce. I was stopped when I opened a can of coconut milk and saw it was solid. Soft but solid. I didn’t know if this was good, it didn’t look right to me. So, I put a post on the Facebook group, along with a photo, and waited for a response. I then dug into it with a spoon Continue Reading →

26 Day Detox – Day 8

Today marks one week on the program. Time to weight myself, try my hand at making Millet Porridge, then get busy with food prep for this coming week. I started to make the Millet Porridge, and discovered I didn’t have a fine strainer to clean the Millet. So I opted instead to make Hot Pink Smoothies for breakfast. Yum, very tasty. Later my sister and I went to our favorite local market (next to Sprouts), Smart & Final, to pick up a few additional food Items we needed, plus the strainer. For a small neighborhood market, Smart & Final has Continue Reading →

26 Day Detox – Day 7

Everything went smooth today. Feeling good. Drank my three 32 once green smoothies adding apples. For the third one, I left out the mixed berries and enjoyed it more. Next time I’m going to try adding only strawberries and raspberries, my favorite. My sister and I went shopping at sprouts. Takes a while when you’re following a specific shopping list, and looking for specific items. Our bill came to $160.00. Seems like a lot to spend at one time for two people for one week. But… While I drove home, my sister did some calculating. She figured what it would Continue Reading →

26 Day Detox – Day 6

I continued with the green smoothies. Today adding a banana. I found this to be a good improvement. But then I like bananas. Everything went well. I didn’t really feel hungry until later in the evening after the last smoothly. I just ignored it and it passed. Today would have been, according to Robyn’s suggestions, the day we went shopping for next week’s food. We decided we would do shopping tomorrow, and food prep on the beginning of Day 8, as we were both off work.

26 Day Detox – Day 5

Today starts three days of rest from metabolism for the body and a shift to cleaning, repairing, and rebuilding. That is done by drinking only green smoothies, adding a different type of fruit each day to test for food sensitivities. I did good today with my Green Smoothies with Mixed Berries. I drank 32 ounces in the late morning. I had blended enough additional smoothly to almost fill one of my glass bottles. I was away from home for much of the afternoon. I took my bottle of smoothie with me in a cooler with some frozen ice packs. It Continue Reading →

Day 4 – 26 Day Detox

Final day of Phase 1. Today went about the same as yesterday. For dinner my sister sautéed the ingredients for Hippo Soup. We enjoyed it much more this way. I placed what was left from dinner into a glass jar, and took that and a small Cucumber Tomato Salad to work for lunch. Turns out the Hippo Sauté was enough for lunch at work. I didn’t even eat the Cucumber Tomato Salad. Although I had my dry skin brush, and my printed out brushing diagram, I had been putting off Dry Skin Brushing. So today I decided to do it. Continue Reading →

Day 3 – 26 Day Detox

I work up at 12 noon and made a No-Fruit Green Smoothie. Shortly after I drank the mineral drops. About two hours later I cooked up some oatmeal. I laid down to sleep around 5:30, and woke up a little after 7pm., later then I like for both times. I try and leave for work at 8pm, so I had less than an hour to eat, prepare something to take to work, and get ready for work. I warmed up some Hippo Soup, and made a Cucumber Tomato Salad. I saved half the salad, and packed a baked potato to Continue Reading →

One thing I have struggled with on my 26 Day Detox, because of my crazy work / sleep schedule, is knowing what day it is when it comes to eating my meals. I work 9:00pm to 5:00am. I normally go to sleep around 6am, and wake up sometime around 11:30am or noon. I then go back to sleep around 4 to 5:00pm and wake up around 6 or 6:30pm. My main sleep period is 6am to noon. Shortly after I wake up I eat breakfast, usually a smoothie. What I tried to figure out is, what is my 7pm meal, Continue Reading →