26 Day Detox – Day 5

Today starts three days of rest from metabolism for the body and a shift to cleaning, repairing, and rebuilding. That is done by drinking only green smoothies, adding a different type of fruit each day to test for food sensitivities. I did good today with my Green Smoothies with Mixed Berries. I drank 32 ounces in the late morning. I had blended enough additional smoothly to almost fill one of my glass bottles. I was away from home for much of the afternoon. I took my bottle of smoothly with me in a cooler with some frozen ice packs. It Continue Reading →

Day 4 – 26 Day Detox

Final day of Phase 1. Today went about the same as yesterday. For dinner my sister sautéed the ingredients for Hippo Soup. We enjoyed it much more this way. I placed what was left from dinner into a glass jar, and took that and a small Cucumber Tomato Salad to work for lunch. Turns out the Hippo Sauté was enough for lunch at work. I didn’t even eat the Cucumber Tomato Salad. Although I had my dry skin brush, and my printed out brushing diagram, I had been putting off Dry Skin Brushing. So today I decided to do it. Continue Reading →

Day 3 – 26 Day Detox

I work up at 12 noon and made a No-Fruit Green Smoothie. Shortly after I drank the mineral drops. About two hours later I cooked up some oatmeal. I laid down to sleep around 5:30, and woke up a little after 7pm., later then I like for both times. I try and leave for work at 8pm, so I had less than an hour to eat, prepare something to take to work, and get ready for work. I warmed up some Hippo Soup, and made a Cucumber Tomato Salad. I saved half the salad, and packed a baked potato to Continue Reading →

Day 2 – 26 Day Detox

I woke up today at 11am. I started my day by stepping on the scale which showed 210 pounds. Hmm, did I really lose 5 pounds the first day? It would appear so. We’ll see how it goes as the program continues. I couldn’t resist today, but I plan on weighing myself once a week. I then drank a dropper full of GSG Ultimate Minerals in 8 ounces of water. Shortly after that I blended and drank a no-fruit green smoothly. Later in the afternoon I cooked up a serving of organic rolled oats with a sprinkle of organic cinnamon Continue Reading →

Day 1 – 26 Day Detox

Normally I would wake up around 7:30 am and head downstairs abound 8 and make myself a smoothly with raspberries, pineapples, a banana, green tea, and a scoop of protein powder. This morning I waited for my sister so we could prepare and eat breakfast together. We each got busy doing things and ended up eating a bowl of oatmeal around 11am. Then our No-Fruit Green Smoothly around 2pm, and a baked potato around 4:30 pm, and the Cumber Tomato Salad around 7pm. Not exactly on schedule, but then I guess that doesn’t really matter.   I had wanted to Continue Reading →

What I Want From The 26 Day Detox Program

It can be helpful when going through the life changing 26 Day Detox program, which will most likely come with some challenges as your body goes through changes, to think about, and write down what you want from the program. What you want, or your “why” for doing the program will help you when things get stuff. This is what I want from my 26 Day Detox. I want to feel healthier, lighter, and move with greater ease. I want my clothes to fit better, and feel more comfortable. I want to develop new habits: I want to consume more Continue Reading →

Commitment Made to Greatly Improve My Health

I clicked on the link under the first video titled: “Learn More About Our Live-Supported Detox Event”. This took me to the order page with additional information about the program. There are five levels of participation: Manual Only – ebook. Manual Only – Print. Full Support Membership. Full Support for 2 Membership. Lifetime Membership. Since my sister and I were going to do the program together as “buddy”, I selected the Full Support for 2 Membership. This save us each $57.00 each over the single membership. This membership included two each of the following: Manuals. Quick Start Guides. Invitations to Continue Reading →

A Healthy Offer

My sister asked me if I would be interested in joining her in doing a 26 Day Detox program. She went on to tell me a little about the program I’m a little over weight, and my health could certainly use some improvement, so I said I would take a look at it and decide. She forwarded me a link to a video titled “Class #1: Could Toxicity Be Why I’m Sick? The 7 Types of Toxins in Your Body & How to Eliminate Them” from the Detox Masterclass – How To Live Clean In A Toxic World! Video series Continue Reading →

Time To Go Home

Departing Cebu Getting through the Cebu / Mactan Airport proved to be quite an interesting experience. We entered the airport, walked about a hundred yards, and up a ramp, dragging our luggage until we found a cart to ease the burden. We waited in line for the first security checkpoint. Once in the main terminal we walked to the far end, about three hundred yards, to the Asiana counter to receive our boarding passes, and check our bags. We were then required to take our boarding pass half way back down the concourse to another counter, wait in line and Continue Reading →

Last Day in the Philippines

We didn’t plan much for our last day in the Philippines. I spent the morning organizing my things, and repacking my bags. I needed to now make room for souvenirs and other items I planned on purchasing today. I met my friends in the hotel lobby around noon. We walked a short distance, made our way through the  Jeepney center, across the street, and arrived at the Ayala Center. There was a line to get into the mall, as people were working their way through the security check point. I had not eaten anything yet, so our first stop was Continue Reading →